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End of the season means shows are ending. Fafner Exodus season 2, Owari No Seraph season 2 and K: Return of Kings all reached their ends. Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans and Heavy Object will stay around for the winter season.

Fafner Exodus ep 26

The End

As expected this was a tear jerker, even if the only people to die this episode were Sakura’s mother, Billy, and Keith. The last two went crazy after Maya and she’s not even responsible for their death. Well, Billy just didn’t know how to react, but he was too slow to put his gun down or shoot Maya.

Everyone on borrowed time expired too. Seems like Emery was the same thing as Miwa’s mother. Soushi was reborn and it seems his “meet again and again” speech wasn’t just for laughs.

Altair also showed up, but without the power to talk to him, Orihime decided to make him sleep in D-Island, which means the Exodus plan was executed. In true Fafner poetry too — Sakura’s father died in the very first Fafner episode in the first series; her mother dies in the very last one of the second series.

Miwa hugs Maya
I want to hug Maya too.

The person with the saddest ending is probably Maya. Her sister is dead. Billy was headshot right in front of her. She is still alive when she wants to die from the look of it. Her storyline wasn’t resolved either, but then this ended with “we will get back our island” so I expect a follow-up.

Heavy Object ep 12

This was sorta an action packed episode. Sorta, because it was mostly Havia being shot at by the other military group from his country that wanted to destroy the dam while waiting for Qwenthur and Baby Magnum to destroy the Mass Driver Conglomerate Object.

This arc’s engineering feat was Qwenthur using a gun to do Morse code. lol. His radio wasn’t working and he had to contact Baby Magnum to tell the Princess where to shoot. Qwenthur also somewhat dealt with his superior marriage proposal problem… by basically making her a slut in front of a noble. I’m not even sure if I can call that fanservice, it was just hilarious.

K: Return of Kings ep 13

The End

Well, that was a good ending episode. Wrapped up the plot, defeated the antagonists, and a happy ending for the Silver Clan.

Shiro’s plan to bring down the Slates was to do a Damocles Down on it with his own Sword of Damocles. Nagare wasn’t happy about it, but it did exactly what he calculated: didn’t cause a mega huge explosion and it destroyed the Slates. That means everyone more or less lost their powers. I wrote more or less because Kuro seems to still be able to use his hand power afterwards, but Weissman was stuck in Shiro’s body for a little while longer so maybe it just takes time.

Speaking of Weissman, he found his old body back it seems and transferred at the school as a teacher. Neko joined as a student and Kuro is still making their meals. lol.

Everyone else seems fine. Fushimi and Yata are friends again. Anna still has her Homra. Even Setsuna and Yakari are still alive.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 13

This was a somewhat interesting episode despite not much happening. The “winning over the Brewers” was just the few minutes before the opening sequences. Then there was a funeral with fireworks to cheer up all the kids and lots of talking about nothing.

Also, Mikazuki kissed Kudelia on the mouth. lol. We have to blame Naze for that one. Mika really don’t understand social behaviors very well. He did say Kudelia was cute though. Seems like Atra will have to settle for that harem ending…

Owari no Seraph s2 ep 12

The End

I hate timeskip where nothing happens…

So Guren (well, possessed Guren) wound up fighting Yuu and stabbing him. He also stabbed Mika and Kimizuki. The last one happened when Kimiziku realized what was happening to his little sister. She turned into an angel and summoned a super large demon that started to attack everything.

Yuu decided that the only way to defeat the Seraph of the End summon was to turn into his own Seraph mode: the King of Salt. He does beat Abbadon rather easily, then starts his “Humanity will all die” speech and Ashamaru takes over to turn him off. Shinoa’s team, with Mika and Narumi, barely make their escape. Also Ferid is now the boss of Japan’s vampires; he removed Krul Tepes from power.

The "good guys" of Owari no Seraph
Looks like Narumi and Mika joined up Shiona’s family/team just fine

The episode ended with a four months timeskip where nothing much seems to have happened. I’m not sure if they are going to do another 12 episodes series to continue the story or not. It was starting to get interesting though.

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