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The new season is here. Heavy Object and Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans had new episodes and I added a few new shows: ERASED, Ajin, Active Raid, and Hai to Gensou no Grimgal. Some of the new shows might be dropped after a few episodes if they don’t “click”.

Heavy Object ep 13

Well, looks like the last episode wasn’t that good of an ending. The Mass Driver Foundation broke into the Amazon which belongs to the protagonist’s home country (Legitimate Kingdom).

No opening song and animated sequences too. More Engrish in it. Going by it, we are getting new characters to hang out with Qwenthur and Havia.

Back to the story, the Princess learned Qwenthur fondled the Major. She was not amused.

That was a lot of ants and a strange way to fumigate them.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 14

Fumitan!!!! Why!!! At least now I’m not the only one thinking she’s a traitor, Mika found her suspicious now. Saying that, she didn’t follow her orders to bring Kudelia to Dort 2, she went with her to Dort 3 for some shopping.

Indeed, Kudelia needed to do some shopping. Buying stuff to clean people and the ship because it smells. Atra approved. Mika was sent with her; Fumitan and Atra and Biscuit wanted to come along because his older brother (Savarin) lives there.

Fumitan going all existential… hopefully she survives, I like her.

The action though is in Dort 2; it was a trap to have Tekkadan and Kudelia be seen as starting a rebellion in the colonies and to get her killed by an assassin (probably Fumitan, she just can’t do it). Next episode should be entertaining. There is even a Char clone in the preview (all Gundam shows have Char clones).

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) ep 01

This was somewhat slow I guess. A lot of exposition, but interesting at the same time.

The MC has some power that resets him right before some incidents. He calls it Revival. He doesn’t control it, it just happens and sometimes it comes with consequences. Like getting hit by a car while trying to save a little boy.

The MC is a bit neurotic though, the loner type who is scared of himself, but I wouldn’t really want my 52-year-old mother to come live in my tiny apartment when I am 29 either. Especially if she looks like she is 30. So I can relate a little bit.

The most interesting part is how some cases from when he was a little kid were never solved and one action from his mother caused her to be killed and “Revival” to bring him back to when he was a little kid in 1988… 18 years earlier.

Active Raid ep 01

That wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. It’s mecha cop comedy, but not because everyone is incompetent.

First Asami Kagari, the new girl in Unit 8, is way too bossy and so totally clueless it’s supposed to be funny, but isn’t that much. It’s more annoying. Also, the synopsis lied, the team is very competent, but unorthodox I guess. It is funny in a ridiculous way too.

Funny flying mecha screen
This show reminds me of Samurai Flamenco in a way.

Second, the episode direction was all over the place, though it somewhat got better in the second half. It also borrows a lot from super powered shows instead of mecha shows. I guess that makes this original.

Ajin ep 01

The cinematography in this show is something. It’s basically movie-like. The names are a bit confusing though. The main character is called Kei; his “best friend” (or ex-best friend) is called Kai.

There was a bit of exposition at the start, mostly about what Ajin are. It doesn’t really say why everyone is scared of people who can’t die though. Your main character, Kei, discovers he is one after getting “killed” by a truck.

Although, his mom and sister probably suspected already. I mean the guy doesn’t eat anything at breakfast. I’m wonder why his sister is stuck at a hospital though.

This was a good first episode, getting used the art style is going to be required though. The animations are a bit stiff when it’s not action (seems like CGI). The music is awesome though.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgal ep01

Pastel, pastel everywhere. I like the color palette for this show, the story though way too slow.

We did get a bit of background; a bunch of teenagers wake up somewhere with a big problem called: memory lost. They don’t remember their parents, friends, what a game or cellphone is even if they know the words. They got brought to a Volunteer Soldier bureau of Grimgar and have to join up to survive. One guy picks up all the cool kids and the losers all end-up stuck together. We of course follow the losers.

Although, they might have one competent person with them, the leader, who is playing a priest. He was bright enough to tell one of them to be a thief. Everyone needs a thief. Unfortunately, the group can’t even take down 2 goblins and are running out of money. That’s basically the first episode.

This look a bit like one of those “kid trapped in a MMO” series. Let see how its develop for a bit, I’m expecting a twist.

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