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ERASED might be my best show of the season. The pacing is very good and the suspense well done. Heavy Object continues to do what Heavy Object does. Iron-Blooded Orphans shows that Tekkadan is family, again. Active Raid is rather fun to watch even if the whole thing doesn’t make much sense. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar has only another episode for me to stick with it despite the pretty pastel colors. And finally, Ajin might be my second best show of the season.

Heavy Object ep 14

So Objects aren’t that good in cities; they can’t fit between buildings and just end up trapped in rubble. Then you need an airplane with missiles to free yourself.

A few episodes ago they talked about spare reactors making nice bombs, well they sure do nice fire shows. I don’t understand how they wouldn’t just plain explode in a sphere though. Columns of fire taller than skyscrapers don’t make much sense to me.

Baby magnum trapped
How to stop an Object: topple skyscrapers on it.

Honeysuckles is a real asshole; he tried to get the princess shredded. He also wants to stop the dominance of Objects in warfare. Poor dude, he got beaten by Qwenthur by a few episodes already. He is very aware of that too, seems like Qwenthur is somewhat a celebrity now.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 15

Fumitan why?

No, no this wasn’t a replay of last week episode, but it is still apropos as first comment and going by the next episode’s title (Fumitan Admoss), it will probably be my first comment again.

So Savarin has a whole thing planned of using Biscuit to get to Kudelia but it backfires, badly, with them thinking Atra is Kudelia and her playing the role. That results in many bruises which Mika wasn’t too happy about. During that time, Kudelia, hiding in an hotel, is accosted by a masked man (I’m pretty sure that’s McGillis) who tells her that she shouldn’t die and that Fumitan is a mole.

That’s when Fumitan runs away and Kudelia goes after her, just a few minutes before there is a worker rebellion in Dort 3. Next episode is going to be bloody.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) ep02

Looks like Satoru is liking his return to 1988 outside of not knowing where to sit in class and forgetting lots of things. He can now spend a lot of time with his mom and find out what happened to Hinazuki Kayo.

All the talk about Dragon Quest, shooters, Final Fantasy, and Satoru not owning a Famicon (aka Nintendo) in 1988. OMG! I’m back as a little kid already. The meaning of this will probably go over the head of anyone under 30.

Kayo is very, very weird. She’s clearly an abused kid. She got bruises all over and she basically asked Satoru to kill someone for her if he wanted to be her friend. That’s like hardcore. She was lying, but still hardcore.

Kenya, one of Satoru’s grade school friends, seems a bit weird too. He told Satoru to keep his interest on Kayo and told him to read her fifth grade essay. He might know something, he clearly picked up that there was something with Satoru at least.

The rest was 10 year old drama.

Active Raid ep 02

The chief has a younger sister who looks exactly like her and she seems totally oblivious to the fact that her sister is a cop. A cop in charge of Unit 8 at that. The chief also has to make an “apology tour” after each mission. Poor girl, no wonder she drinks so much.

Asami is rather awesome in that mech of hers, though, even if she is a bit inexperienced with the setting. All those popups. I’m also wondering if everyone has one; she was Oscar VI, which means they have a III, IV and V too.

We are also introduced to the bad guys, a company called Logos that probably makes mech. This time they gave one to a random poor dude and told him to go trash an expensive teenage academy because that is where his enemies were. Looks like some brainwashing was in effect. Logos seems to want to pick a fight against Unit 8. This show has a plot; I wasn’t expecting that.

Ajin ep02

Looks like Kei’s sister doesn’t really like cops. I get the feeling that both she and her mom knew what he was, they just don’t want to tell anyone. We also have two people who work for the Ministry of Health; they look suspicious.

His friends at school are real assholes, talking about missing the jackpot because they were not the only one finding out he was a Ajin. Kai is much better, he doesn’t care that he is a Ajin. Best friend ever.

The rest of the episode is about two idiots who kidnapped a girl, most probably to rape her later, who saw Kai and decided to try to catch the reward for it. With a baseball bat during the pee-break. That’s just low. They even tested if Kei was an Ajin. You know, killed him.

The ending was awesome. Looks like Kei has a “ghost” or whatever that thing is going to be called. He’s not aware he has it and it caused the death of the two idiots. The girl they kidnapped escaped so she’s safe and will probably talk to the cops next episode.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar ep02

I’ll have to revise my “they suck” from last week. Seems like they just don’t want to kill things really… well until they are almost dead that is it and out of money.

Poor Goblin, that was brutal.

The poor goblin and the victorious party
The poor goblin

After that the episode basically had ten minutes of scenes without anything really happening in them outside daily life. It was weird and very slow. This needs to pick up its pace if it wants to be interesting, it’s not like it is lacking material to draw from (the light novels are up to seven volumes now).

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