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Hello my friends! We have our regular news, plus a bonus story of how the animal kingdom is the epitome of misandry.

Many are concerned that North Korea is preparing a long-range missile launch after a their most recent nuclear test.

China is trying to up their cyber warfare capabilities.

President Obama’s nominee to lead American forces in Afghanistan has stated the security situation is deteriorating and the Afghan military will need help for years. So much for withdrawing U.S. military troops by 2017.

Human Rights Watch just released a report stating that the Afghan government has not stopped internal government corruption and has been unable to implement the reforms promised by President Ashraf Ghani.

Netflix’s recent expansion into Asia has been stymied as the biggest Internet provider in Indonesia. The company has blocked Netflix over concerns of its content.

The Sri Lankan government destroyed a single shipment of African elephant ivory, worth an estimated $3 million. Ivory is used in ceremonies and are symbols of wealth and prosperity. The ceremony included prayers for the elephants killed by poachers to obtain the ivory.

A 4.1 earthquake struck Lahore, Pakistan, a week after a 5.8 earthquake near Islamabad.

The freezing cold weather didn’t just affect the U.S. northeastern region; schools in Pakistan were forced to close because of the cold.

A Chinese journalist, hoping to find refuge in Southeast Asia, disappeared somewhere in Thailand.

Some of Korea’s most popular reality shows feature North Korean defectors.

Many South Koreans in their 20s and 30s are looking for ways to leave the country because of the brutal work culture and the lack of opportunities.

Finally, our best story of the week is the tale of how a female sand shark at the Seoul Aquarium ATE a male shark that kept bumping into her in their tank. Thus is the tale of how she became the hero of misandrists everywhere! For real, I found a Reddit thread where MRAs were hurt and whiny and comparing the event to how they were treated by feminists. I’d link to it, but fuck those guys.

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