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Welcome to another week of news and happy lunar new year!!

It is now the Year of the Monkey!

The biggest story is the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that hit Taiwan this weekend. There are 27 confirmed deaths, most in one apartment building, and an investigation is being launched over its construction.

The Chinese government has detained 49 people for the Tianjin blast last August.

A Hong Kong publisher is selling books banned in mainland China amidst the disappearance of several booksellers in the city-state. Those booksellers are now in detention on the mainland. Additionally, a US-based Chinese writer has claimed he co-authored an unauthorized book about Chinese Premier Xi Jinping and it led to the recent disappearances.

This essay is by a woman who was a second child, born during China’s one-child policy.

A recent court decision may open the door for increased LGBT rights in India.

U.S. troop withdrawal would interfere with the training of Afghan troops.

Russia has asked North Korea to please not go through with a planned rocket launch.

North Korea went through with it anyway.

Japan is calling for tighter sanctions after the rocket launch.

A small Pakistani fishing village is being completely relocated because of plans to make the peninsula the new Shenzen.

Myanmar is forming a committee to pick its next president. Many are hoping  Aung San Suu Kyi will emerge as the new leader.



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