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President Obama is cracking down on imports produced by forced and slave labor and closing a loophole that allowed the sale of goods made by children or slaves. Wonder if any of this will affect the import of coffee or chocolate as those industries have long been known to use child labor.

The US is also proposing new sanctions against North Korea.

The population of Japan has shrunk by one million people in recent years.

About 100 Indian schoolchildren were hospitalized for food poisoning after receiving a free government meal. India has the largest free meal program in the world, but the program itself is problematic and this isn’t the first time children have fallen sick from contaminated food.

The Indian military will open up combat roles to women.

Apparently, more people die in India from taking selfiesĀ than any other place in the world. To combat this, the city of Mumbai has instituted “no selfie” zones.

Even though the government has promised improvements in the country’s education system, 24 million children in Pakistan are still out of school. Pakistan has the second highest number of children currently not enrolled in school after Nigeria.

The Pakistan cricket team is now allowed to play in India at the World T20 tournament. There was talk about the game being played at a neutral site because of threats made against both the Pakistan team and those who might travel to see them play.

China is generally refusing to take in Syrian refugees.

Vietnam is still pissed about China’s presence in the South China Sea.


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