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We have a lot of Grammy talk and news to catch up on so let’s start with something to make your day a little brighter. Here’s Drake performing “Hotline Bling” at a Bat Mitzvah in NYC.

#BlackLivesMatter & Police Brutality

Maryland courts are delaying the trials of Baltimore officers charged with Freddie Gray’s death.

Two Los Angeles police officers were charged with raping women while on duty.

Dear fellow Asians: Peter Liang displayed negligence in his role that led to the unnecessary death of Akai Gurley. If you want to protest something, protest the fact that Akai Gurley (and many black men and women) died in the first place. This anti-blackness is unnecessary and uncalled for.

National News

The Nevada Caucuses have come and gone, but in case you need to understand the difficulties that come with organizing, here’s an explanation from NPR.

Sandra Bland’s mother talks to The Root about endorsing Hillary Clinton. Clinton also promoted her own racial justice plan.

Congrats to Park Cannon, a queer black woman who is now serving in the Georgia State House!

President Obama will be heading to Cuba next month.

Black people with autism have additional challenges because intersectional oppressions are real.

Another college frat had a racist party, because welcome to America. They probably have a friend of color to help them seem less racist.

Here’s a list of things The Root wants white people to stop doing.

Grammy’s Roundup

Still disappointed that Kendrick Lamar didn’t win album of year? You’re not alone. Here’s his breathtaking performance in case you missed it.

You know who was missing a tribute? Natalie Cole.

Stevie Wonder took his presenter moment to remind us about disability and access for everyone.

Celebrity News

Here’s Emma Watson in conversation with bell hooks.

Following his anti-gay statements, Nike dropped Manny Pacquiao.

Foodies: Anthony Bourdain and José Andrés are talking about racism in the culinary world.

Here’s some racism in the fashion world courtesy of MAC’s instagram post of a black model and this beauty blogger’s recount of her interaction with a fashion company.

Congrats to Channing Dungey who is the first African American woman to lead network programming!

Also coming soon, All Nations Network, a network devoted to Native peoples.

Flavorwire’s “25 Stories that Reinvent the ‘Strong Female Character'” is still woefully disproportionately white, but still highlights Beyoncé, Ms. Marvel, Shonda Rhimes’s shows, the ladies of Litchfield Prison, and Beasts of the Southern Wild’s Hushpuppy.

Last week we mentioned Taraji P. Henson playing a mathematician, but this week we have the great news that Octavia Spencer will be joining her.

Just in case you needed a reminder, Don Cheadle talks about how his new movie needed a white costar to get made.

Sandra Oh talks about racism and sounding Asian in a new interview.

I might have to watch the Baywatch movie. Priyanka Chopra just joined the cast after this adorable announcement with Dwayne Johnson.

We may not have Idris Elba as Bond, but here he is as a CIA agent in Bastille Day.

Here’s Guillermo del Toro in character as Pappy McPoyle from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Sure some cops might be trying to protest her concert, and there was a failed protest about her Superbowl performance, but Beyonce is too busy adding tour dates to a concert series for which you probably still can’t get tickets. Pajiba wrote every Beyonce think piece so you never have to read one again.

Also on Pajiba, this great roundup of black cosplay.

Tweet is back!

Also here’s FKA twigs new video for “Good to love.”

Last but not least, here’s Prince’s passport photo.


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