PoC News in America: Beyoncé Edition

Are you not over Beyoncé and “Formation”? Welcome to the Beyoncé edition of PoC News.

Beyoncé News

Beyoncé released a music video.

…which she then performed about 24 hours later at the Super Bowl

…which she used as a vehicle to announce her world tour.


Why does this all matter? Beyoncé is unapologetically celebrating blackness and black women, which has confused and angered some white people. There’s going to be a protest and an anti-protest protest because America.

What does Beyoncé think about all the “Formation” controversy? She just wanted black people to feel “proud and have love for themselves.”

Beyoncé is also starting a fund to aid the Flint Water Crisis, and Tidal is donating $1.5 Million to the Black Lives Matter (and other social justice) groups.

Non-Beyoncé National News

Speaking of #BlackLivesMatter, activist DeRay Mckesson has joined the Baltimore Mayor race.

A Chicago police officer who shot and killed a black teen, is suing the teen’s estate for trauma-related damages.

Mic focuses on Native health and community organizing in their new episode of “The Movement.”

In case you needed a reminder why a lot of women of color, particularly millenial women of color are not flocking to Hillary Clinton’s side like their white counterparts, here’s a reminder. See also: Cornel West‘s speech against Clinton’s ties to the prison-industrial complex.

Voter ID laws also keep many people of color away from the polls.

Melissa Harris-Perry wrote about the violence and fear she encountered at the Iowa Caucuses.

A Federal court invalidated two North Carolina districts for racial gerrymandering.

The FBI is now investigating the Flint Water crisis, which is spurring some members of Congress to action.

A 72-year old Army veteran is facing deportation.

Also facing deportation: thousands of asylum-seeking women and children. (You can now pre-order Orange is the New Black’s Diane Guerrero’s book on her family’s deportation and immigration struggles)

Actor and designer Waris Ahuwalia was also kicked off a plane because profiling.

Feministing also gives us some anti-racism education resources.

Happy Lunar New Year for everyone celebrating!

Other Celebrities Not Beyoncé

Missy Elliot also released new music (briefly featured in her Super Bowl spot)

Earth, Wind & Fire’s Maurice White died last week, so here are four live performances to remember him by.

Kanye West thinks Bill Cosby is innocent and has changed his album title, again.

Solange hit back against a music critic who tried to tell her not to “bite the hand that feeds her.” Solange is a badass.

Here’s the latest trailer for the Miles Davis biopic staring Don Cheadle, Miles Ahead.

Who’s ready to fly to London to see Amber Riley as Effie in Dreamgirls?

Lupita Nyong’o who is trying to use her voice to tell diverse stories may team up for a sci-fi movie with Ava DuVernay. DuVernay may also direct an adaption of A Wrinkle in Time.

Eunice Olumide joins Rogue One, which is only adding to my excitement for more Star Wars.

Here are Salma Hayek and Tahir Rahim in a short film featuring the former belly dancing.

In things I didn’t ask for, Jonás Cuarón is making a futuristic Zorro movie.

Ken Watanabe delays his return to The King and I on Broadway due to stomach cancer.

The Coen Brothers join the many dumb celebrities trying to disregard the Oscars’ diversity issues, so maybe they need this whitesplained for them. Meanwhile Ryan Murphy (of all people) is launching a new diversity-driven organization.

Serena Williams built a school in Jamaica.

After Cam Newton was criticized for his post-Super Bowl interview, he spoke out and reminded people that he’s human.

This week we end on UCLA gymnast Sophina DeJesus revitalizing floor exercises.

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