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ERASED and Ajin are probably my favorite shows right now. Active Raid and Heavy Object are still funny. Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans isn’t that bad, although very formulaic. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar might look very pretty, but that show is moving at turtle speed.

Heavy Object ep 15

Young adult boys trading porn in the army… who would have thought. Getting caught exchanging porn by your female superiors, all in their 20s, who then confiscate all your stash is bad though. Poor Havia and Qwenthur. They got sent back to Alaska for it. They also got to play pools as mission briefing.

The Intelligence Union wants the rest of water strider that the Legitimate Kingdom blow up a few episodes back. That means the return of Ohohoh from the Australian act and the boys stuck in a snowy place again.

That's called getting caught the hand on the books.
That’s called getting caught with the hands on the books.

The Rush pilot (the girl who always goes Ohoho) is so nasty. Taunting the Princess like that, saying she will take Qwenthur all for himself. Of course that meant that Qwenthur was going to end up inside of the Rush… and discover a loli with no G-cup. That was such a troll ending.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 16

Fumitan, why? And a few people asked that question in this episode; it’s not just me.

As expected, the episode was full of flashbacks to young Kudelia and Fumitan and as expected, Fumitan died saving Kudelia. Unfortunately, they get to pin the revolt on Kudelia. It’s amazing how even the reporters are clueless. It was clear as day that Gjallarhorn set up the whole thing, but stupid reporters do what stupid reporters do: spread misleading information.

Fumitan’s face when she saw what she caused was awesome though. Yes, Fumitan, all these people died so your charge could be blamed for all the revolts against Earth. Are you happy?

I’m wondering if we are going to see Savarin again. He was bawling his eyes out over Mr. Novona’s corpse, saying he was sorry. I wondering if he is going to realize he was being manipulated.

I’m not sure I like linking Kudelia to Joan of Arc though.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) ep03

I think our main character is following the wrong thread here. Among the three kids who were killed, there was also his friend Hiromi, which didn’t seem to register that much. I think he is focusing too much on Kayo.

Interestingly, Satoru is making the same mistake he made 18 years ago. He let a guy win at speed skating, it looks minor like this, but that impacted a lot of stuff afterward. I’m starting to wonder if he isn’t stuck in a Groundhog Day type of loop.

We also got a surprise this episode. Satoru wanted to know when Kayo’s birthday was because he wants to pin-point when she might get kidnapped in March. Turns out she has the same birthday as him, which means she gets kidnapped before his birthday, which is March 1st. March 1st in 1988. Yep, there is no February 29th that year. That is interesting.

Kaya getting brutalized by her mom and I suspect her mom’s boyfriend was brutal though. Poor kid. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a red herring. She was killed by her mother/stepfather.

Hmm, that ending shot. Kenya and the teacher having some chit-chat at night at school. Considering that the teacher has the profile of the supposed killer, I’m starting to fear Kenya might be involved too.

Active Raid ep 03

This was just plain ridiculous. Looks like the bad guys are teenagers who just cause chaos for fun. Asami was also punished for her mistake in the last episode. Her sanction: do some karaoke for the rest of the team.

Seems like Sena is a serious guy too and he wanted to turn the team serious but failed so far. Poor guy, he needs to get Asami to help him, the rest of the team can be such doofuses.

This episode also destroyed a few anime tropes:

  • The cute girl idol turns out to be a guy… and everyone knows it.
  • Suggest an incestuous relationship between a brother and sister… turns out the brother thinks his sister is a slut.

Ajin ep 03

It’s interesting that Ajin only repair themselves if they die. Break their legs and they won’t be able to move until they kill themselves. That’s what Kei did. A biker caused him and Kai to fall down from a cliff. Kai was fine (how???), but Kei had two broken legs. The biker got stoned by Kai and Kei sliced his throat to fix his legs. Kai was not amused.

How did Kai survive that fall?
How did Kai survive that fall?

We have two new Ajin, well the other two known Ajin in Japan I guess. An old man with a hat and the guy who was head-shot in the video in the first episode (saved by old man in hat). I said we had two new Ajin, but we have three. Izumi, the assistant of Tosaki, the guy in charge of the Ajin department at the minister of Health, actually seems to be able to see the black ghosts Ajin produce and I really doubt she’s going to die here. She was very much stabbed through the heart with blood flowing everywhere and next week’s preview isn’t even hiding it.

That happened right in front of Kei’s little sister too. Looks like Tanaka, one of the other Ajin, kidnapped her. Probably to trap Kei. He sounds a bit crazy too. I guess getting tortured would screw with your mind.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar ep 03

This episode started with a focus on Moguzo’s cooking. A bit too much focus on something so trivial really. In fact the whole episode was “focus on trivial stuff.” At least there was a bit of dialogue during the insert song this time.

I think I’m going to give it one more episode; if nothing happens next week, I’m dropping this. It’s not going anywhere.

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