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Erased‘s plot is moving on; seems like we are going toward a conclusion half-way through the number of episodes the show is supposed to have. This is somewhat strange. Heavy Object had Qwenthur increase his “feats” again. Active Raid has Unit 8 not causing catastrophic damage for once. In Gundam, Kudelia made her choice and Ajin is mysteriously missing. I dropped Grimgar.

Heavy Object ep 16

Rush’s real name is Gatling 033. I supposed it’s named after the Gatling main guns on it. It also has a strategic AI called Juliet I. The AI can take full control of the Object.

Nice, mega-sized drones.

It also has a full music system so its Elite can sing while killing stuff. She sang while fighting Baby Magnum. Qwenthur provided the chorus with his scream of pain. Yep, he is still in the Rush; his body is getting destroyed by the acceleration.

Not!G-Cup isn’t very bright. She let the Princess know that Qwenthur was in her Object which pissed her off. Then Qwenthur used that chance to send a message over the Legitimate Kingdom. It was awesome, it ended up causing Juliet to go into a deep thinking loop over Havia restarting the Water Strider’s targeting system but it being able to target anything smaller than 50 meters.

His best work in this episode though, was putting doubts in Not!G-Cup mind about her superiors… and capturing the Rush.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 17

Kudelia decided to “fight” or should I say that her fight isn’t only for Mars anymore. Those reporters were lucky to stumble on them and to have a nice little communication setup so Orga could call the Isabiri and get the Barbatos.

Once the Gundam was out, Baudoin just wanted to join in the fight even if he actually hated the massacre that was happened. He brought a family heirloom too, another Gundam. There were 3 Gundams in this episode and one repainted Graze.

There also seems to be a bit of teaching to Einz, looks like he learned that his bosses are corrupt. Maybe he won’t hate Mikazuki that much from now on.

Then coolest part of this episode though was Kudelia calling Nobliss. I wonder what she told him.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) ep04

Satoru is not thinking properly. Stopping Kayo from being kidnapped on a certain day doesn’t mean that it’s going to stop the killer. It might just be a setback.

Mom is the best wingman.

My feeling is that this isn’t the first time Satoru got revived into that time period increased this episode. He had a “déjà vu” on his date with Kayo. From his memory he never talked to her in his “previous self,” but he clearly just doesn’t remember things properly. Now he thinks he met Kayo at the Science Center, but she wouldn’t have said what she said to him this episode if that was the case. He also remembers spending the same amount of money for his birthday food, but it was just supposed to be him and his mom.

Poor Satoru, he says out loud what he thinks way too many times. So embarrassing. Especially that “you’re so pretty in the middle of the class.”

Voicing your thoughts can be so embarrassing.
Voicing your thoughts can be so embarrassing.

The fatal day has arrived and the show took the time to show what certain people were doing right before Kayo’s supposed disappearance. I find it interesting that the list included: Kayo’s mother, her mother’s boyfriend, Kenya, and the teacher. Then everyone went to the birthday party and Kayo went back safe to her home… and didn’t come back to school the day after. That was as gut-wrenching for Satoru as it was to me.

Active Raid ep 04

Unit 8 is made of weirdos. He lacks perceiving details, because he didn’t ask for his change. Really Sena, it was 2 cents.

His nickname is Garbage Man? Man poor Sena. Looks like he was in the army before? Seems like that lady soldier knew him or something.

This episode wasn’t really about Sena. Logos put a bomb on a plane because he wanted to find the entrance to a super secret intelligence matrix owned by the government. It sounds weird like that, but his plan was to cause panic among the government to find the entrance. The plane could only fly around a certain district where it was supposed to be and the Government didn’t want to evacuate anyone to avoid giving its position away. Nasty.

This was a serious episode, just ignore the mascots
This was a serious episode, just ignore the mascots

It was pointless too, because a government official babbled in panic about it and Logos and his friend Birdy found out where the three pieces of Orochi are. Looks like doing it for fun might not be the single goal of Logos and his friends after all.

Ajin ep 04

Where are you episode 4? I wasn’t able to find subs of it. Even stranger when it was supposed to be 2 episodes back-to-back this week.

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