Weekly Anime Review

Plot, plot all around. We learned a bit more in Active Raid, Ajin, and ERASED. Heavy Object started a new arc with lots of new characters. Gundam moved to another part of its story and presented a whole bunch of new characters too.

Heavy Object ep 17

A battlefield reporter wearing what is basically a bikini… right. Poor guys. She’s there to interview people.

Qwenthur is such an idiot. I can’t believe he said that to the princess without meaning it. He literally said “You are the only one I love,” but it was basically quoting something out from a movie or book, not for real. She didn’t take it like that though.

New character: the lady in black, Charlotte Zoom. Straight-laced and in charge of military personal oversight.

Lots of new characters actually in this episode. Seems like the squad in the OP finally made an appearance, they all have weird names except for Charles.

Well, looks like Qwenthur’s dad helped some ruined nobles a few years ago; they had a daughter and going by hints, she’s the TV news not!bikini girl.

After a somewhat slow start, that was an awesome ending. Because of betrayal!

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 18

Kudelia stopped the either fleet in front of her with just her voice. I guess getting yourself accused of not doing your job publicly required urgent public relationship action. Mika was impressed.

Not that guy, McGillis kept the idiot that sold the Tekkadan in the first few episodes. What is he doing with him? He also presented himself as a guy from the Montag Company with the desire to join Nobliss and Teiwaz in their “business” partnership by helping Kudelia to get to Earth. The funniest part of it was Mika saying “why is the chocolate guy here?” That also means that Orga, Biscuit, and Mika know he wants to reform.

New Gjallarhorn character
New character. When I saw her face in the OP I though she was another pirate, lol, she’s a cop

I love Atra, although her suggestion to Mika ended up with him comforting both her and Kudelia. It was cute.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) ep05

How interesting. Seems like Hinazuki was killed in her house and it was her mother and her boyfriend who dumped her in the trash. That means the whole framing of Yuuki wasn’t even the killer ‘s plan.

Man the lies. Everyone is just lying to the kids. They don’t want them to know Kayo is missing. It also appears something similar happened in a nearby city and the other girl was kidnapped/killed way earlier than Satoru was expecting.

And then Satoru came back to the present, still a suspect in his mom’s murder. His manager tried to sell him to the cops, but Airi saved his ass. She’s a bit weird. Although not weirder than the killer showing up at her and Satoru’s workplace and him setting her house on fire.

He will probably try to blame Satoru for that too.

Active Raid ep 05

The direction in this episode was awful. It’s like it was all out-of-order except it wasn’t, and scenes were missing connecting dots.

This time a super poker player was granted missiles by Logos and new missiles are launched each time another poker player fails to beat him.

In truth, the episode was more of a backstory for Madoka, the black-haired girl in Unit 8 that barely talks. Seems like she is into gambling and was even accused of cheating in Casino and all that a few years ago. She came out on her day off to beat the creepy poker player.

Ajin ep 04

She was an Ajin. Although, I’m starting to think that her and Tanaka are the known ones, while Satou (the old man) isn’t publicly known.

Izumi's black ghost
Kuro-Chan has a weird head.

Tanaka and Satou kidnapped Eriko, Kei’s sister, to get to him. He wanted to meet more Ajin, he got his wish… but abandoned Kai in the process, for the second time (seems like he did that when he was a kid too because Kai’s father was a criminal and Kei’s mother didn’t want him to play with Kai).

I don’t trust Satou, he’s trying to much to be the nice guy… and I get the feeling he turned Tanaka into a madman.

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