Weekly Anime Review

Heavy Object, Active Raid, and Iron-Blooded Orphans were full of action this week. Ajin and ERASED had setup episodes for their next arcs; both were more psychological than physical tales this week.

Heavy Object ep 18

Qwenthur and the officer aren’t even hurt. They also know that Nutsley betrayed them, but their comms are dead and the UAV are probably going to come looking for them. Their only solution is going down a mine shaft. That kinda explains the episode title.

On his side, Havia is now facing the “Wind Balancer,” which shouldn’t be where it is at all. They tried to slow it down, but instead of doing what they thought it would do, it flew and blew them away. It also appears that two of the soldiers with Havia are dead (we didn’t see them die though). So he decided to go into the mine shaft with the surviving lady.

The Wing Balancer
An heavy object that flies… sorta

Looks like the Faith Organization might have duped the Legitimate Kingdom by making them kill a bunch of anti-war group members that work in a diamond mine.

That ending, that must hurt. Qwenthur has his head trapped in the pincer of a “mobile worker” controlled by Nutsley. The princess is also moving to destroy the mine where everyone is.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 19

There were quite a few flashbacks in this episode. Carta, Galieo, and McGillis have known each other since they were kids. Seems like McGillis is just a bastard turned noble and he says that is the reason for his actions. Carta has a thing for blond guy too… and she’s not very competent.

Eugene was cool this episode. He really wanted to be told he was so. The coolest was Mika though — that’s what you call a re-entry.

Yep, Tekkadan made it to Earth.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) ep 06

Airi was saved by Satoru and the manager. Of course, Satoru was still accused of arson because, you know, why not. The Japanese policeman seems to be very lazy really and Airi was able to slip her phone into Satoru’s pocket so the cops don’t find it.

On his side, Satori finally called the phone number on the paper in his pocket that his mother left behind. It’s the phone number of her old TV reporter friend. He spent the last 18 years investigating crimes that were apparently resolved but the culprit says he is innocent. I’m going to bet these are all related.

The episode ended with Satoru getting arrested by the cops; they seemingly followed Airi, but going by the real bad guy being there, he is probably the one who followed her and called the police. As soon as Satoru saw the guy, he got a revival… He’s going to get another shot at changing the future and saving everyone.

Revival's butterfly
Revival’s butterfly, so pretty

Active Raid ep 06

This show has Giant Robots! Well ancient giant robots called Drew and Morgan. Apparently, Otakus are to blame and/or thank for their creation. They were dropped because of fuel cost, Willwears being way cheaper, and the factory zone was turned into an evacuation zone.

Poor Dr. Kasumigaseki. Funasaka was a huge fan of the robots, Drew especially. He used to sneak into the factory every night as a kid until the doctor caught him. His dream as a kid was to be a big robot pilot.

Of course, they wouldn’t spend half the episode showing all that backstory for nothing. Turns out someone is real pissed that Morgan was put into storage, and Logos found them and gave them the equipment to take it back. That means the old doc got to fix his other machine.

The rest of the episode was full of feels for people who always wanted to drive a big robot or build one.

Ajin ep 05

Wait, why don’t the cops know whether Kei was there or not? Let me guess, they were not the one who shot the Ajin last episode. Satou, what are you doing? Especially with the “office” finding the unconscious Kei in front of a fire station.

Why didn’t I think of that, using the Black Ghost to shoot at Kei? And Satou purposely let Kei get captured so he would be tortured. Nasty, but then those scientists are stupid too and disgusting. They cut Kei’s arm to compare it to another sample… while Kei was conscious. He summoned his ghost and instead of killing everyone in the room, he tried to see the guys behind the one-way glass. Kei, what are you doing? Even Tosaki is wondering why he isn’t attacking anyone.

So Satou gets his gears from the black market; he pays in organs. Kinda handy that you can regen yourself all the time I guess. His plan is to extract Kei, and he kidnaps some US bigshot scientist coming over to Japan to see Kei. Seems like he knows Tosaki too. He went to save Kei and once that was done decided he was a failure because he wasn’t angry.

That USA scientist knows an awful lot about the Black Ghost; could it be that he is an Ajin?

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