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I’ve finally succumbed to a cold after avoiding getting sick all winter so this week is quick links again. Have a great week unicorns.

China’s once-yearly parliament meeting took place last week.

One of the five Hong Kong booksellers who went missing several months ago has returned home. A total of three of the arrested booksellers are to be released on bail.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un saying his country’s nukes need to be ready is not scary at all.

Pakistan police rescued a nine year old girl who was about to be married off.

A Pakistani religious council ruled that a law protecting women was “un-Islamic.”

If the above story didn’t make you angry, the UK is deporting young Afghan asylum seekers back to Afghanistan.

Pope Francis accepted an invitation to visit Pakistan later this year.

South Korean MPs staged a world record setting filibuster that lasted 192 hours.

One-third of Japanese women have reported sexual harassment in their workplace.

Finally in sports news, India beat Bangladesh to win the Asia Cup for the 6th time in cricket.

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