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Hi everyone. Welcome to another week of news. Turns out, it was allergies, not a cold that had me under the weather last week. I’ve never had allergies like that before and for those of you who have always suffered, I now understand. Now, here’s the news…

Two of the five Hong Kong booksellers who had returned to the city-state after their arrests are now back in mainland China. The whereabouts of the other three booksellers are unknown.

The Chinese government has also detained a Tibetan entrepreneur who campaigned for bilingual education and lamented the dearth of Tibetan culture in the education system.

In light of the above two stories, here’s one about an editor defying the trend towards censorship.

North Korea vowed to liquidate all its remaining South Korean assets and continue firing short-range missiles into the sea in protest of new sanctions.

Also, a North Korean submarine is missing during joint US-South Korean drills.

It’s been five years since the tsunami in Fukushima and the Telegraph has a feature on two boys who lost pretty much everything in the disaster and how they’re doing today.

Aung San Suu Kyi has apologized for not finding a way around the law that would allow her to become the president of Myanmar.

This is a bummer, a bill to decriminalize homosexuality in India was shot down in the lower house of the parliament.

Millions in Indonesia experienced a total solar eclipse this week.

Finally, a South Korean Go grandmaster was able to beat a supercomputer. Go is a two-person game, which the aim is to “surround more territory than the opponent.” Yay humans!


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