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Happy Easter for those who celebrate. Here’s the news…

After the attacks in Belgium, Turkey and Iraq, the latest one occurred this weekend in Lahore, Pakistan. As of this writing, 65 are dead and hundreds wounded at a park in a residential neighborhood. Sources report that the targets were Christians.

A Korean-American man is being detained in North Korea after confessing to stealing military secrets.

The Chinese government detained 20 people over an open letter calling for the resignation of President Xi Jinping.

The Vietnamese government is also on record as being terrible on freedom of expression; a blogger was sentenced to five years in prison for anti-state writings.

Authorities in Malaysia arrested 15 under suspicion they are involved with ISIS.

As I’ve written here before, those fleeing the violence in Syria are not the only ones facing hardships as they try settle to the EU and other countries. Amnesty International reports that 30 Afghan asylum seekers were forced out of Turkey and returned to Afghanistan.

For the record, India has the slowest Internet speed in Asia, with South Korea having the highest.

For those of you who love K-Dramas (I know you’re out there,) the latest obsession is Descendents of the Sun.

The Hindu festival of Holi was celebrated last week, which marks the beginning of spring. You should also check out Karishma’s Holi playlist.

Finally, to balance out all the bad, here’s a story on the “Wall of Kindness” in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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