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A slightly less action-oriented week for my shows — well, outside of Heavy Object, which had an action-packed arc finale. Iron-Blooded Orphans was more about setting up the new arc on Earth. Active Raid focused on Haruka, who is a lot more into trains than fighting people. ERASED tread on old grounds. Ajin had some fighting, but it focused more on who Kei is.

Heavy Object ep 19

Well that mecha sure is sturdy. Qwenthur blow up the ceiling and the rails under it and it was still standing unscathed. I guess it’s really made for mining underground.

This episode used a bit too much the trope of “when we are talking, enemies don’t move.” Qwenthur spend a good 30 seconds telling saying stuff at Charlotte after she was hurt by the bad guys, who were close enough to re-attack them at any time.

Using diamonds as bullets, that was a bit crazy. I’m not sure how much it would do what it did in this episode though, and Qwenthur proved he was a genius once more. The Legitimate Kingdom seems to have some internal problems though. The Indigo Plasma decided to destroy the mine regardless of what happened.

I’m wondering what the starlet wants with Qwenthur, but with civil war probably starting in the Legitimate Kingdom we will probably see her again. Seems like Charlotte’s job was finding something to do with a List and they thought Qwenthur had something to do with it. Hmm.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 20

Well Tekkedan are kinda screwed aren’t they. The Oceania Federation is letting them land on Earth and use one of their islands to hide, as well as hiding the other ship and the Turbines in space, but the price will probably start a full-on war for political and material gain on Earth. Ouch.

Tekkedan at the beach
Martians discovered the beach..

Also, Savarin killed himself and left a “goodbye message” to Biscuit, who didn’t take it very well and he wants out now.

Ein is close to death too and Galieo is pissed about it. Looks like he is getting the operation and turning into an half-robot soon. Poor guy.

The last part of the episode showed that Carta Issue is dumb.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) ep 07

Kenya is such a bright dude. Yep, Satoru got back to 18 years ago, right after he visited the museum with Kayo. Except this time Kenya asked him a question, which turned to be a trap, which caused Satoru to have to explain a few things. Kenya totally saw the change in personality he got. He wants to help.

Satoru also changed his plan. He wants Yuuki to get an alibi, so he can’t be framed. Not just o stop Kayo from being killed or even abused. Satoru and Kenya basically kidnapped Kayo, with her consent, to make sure she wasn’t going to her home. They hid her in a bus used for storage. He then added Hiromi to the group to make sure the killer doesn’t jump to the next victim.

The episode ended with not-kid entering the bus. Stay hidden Kayo, that can’t be good.

Active Raid ep 07

We got a new opening sequence. I’m not sure why exactly, this is just episode 7. It does show something interesting though; everyone but Madoka has a Willwears in Unit 8.

This episode was mostly about Haruka and her love of trains and railways. She also got to go around in her mecha, which has been hinted at since episode 1. She’s can’t fight though; this week’s episode was mostly talking trying to stop a guy who really wanted to punish someone. The guy’s name was Kobari and he had a sick daughter that nobody knew about.

He ended up dying though; Dog turned his mecha against him in the end and it appears that Logos didn’t allow this “mission” either. That should be interesting later, dissension among Logos and his pals. We also got to see a bit more of the Chief’s sister and the school presidents. The show has a pretty large cast now with them recurring.

There was also another death this episode, someone Kobari was affiliated with politically. Seems like he killed himself, feeling guilty for Kobari’s action. The Chief don’t think it feels right though.

Ajin ep 06

Well, looks like there is something abnormal about Kei’s IBM. It has more particles than normal going by Satou’s comment. We also learn a bit more about his personality: He is logical and heartless but wants to help. How does that work exactly?

There was some exposition from the American research in this episode too, about the IBM and a few other things. Seems like Ajin regenerate from their largest body part, which means if you cut the head off they regen a new one. Some speculate that this kills them (by removing memories, personality, etc). Going by Kei’s personality, that probably already happened a long time ago. We also know that Satou loves killing, a lot. He’s not a nice guy at all.

Kei's being surprised
Kei’s face when he realized the guy he tried to save wasn’t dead.

Kei escaped from both the government and Satou by throwing himself in a river.

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