Weekly Anime Review

There were a lot of explosions this week. Things blew up in Iron-Blooded Orphans, Heavy Object, and Ajin. Explosions were aborted in Active Raid; the bomb didn’t explode. ERASED had no explosion, but it was still a nice episode.

Heavy Object ep 20

How did a division of the Legitimate Kingdom end up with seven Objects without anyone knowing about it?

Not only are these things big, they take a lot of money to make and someone should have spotted something at some point. And where are the Elites coming from anyway?

Oh well, looks like the gang is down to one damaged Baby Magmun. Qwenthur is going to have to think very hard on this one.

Funny fact, the Legitimate Kingdom’s official language is French, but many others are spoken because it covers multiple areas. The bad guy wants to kill everyone who isn’t speaking a single language (might not even be French). That’s why he rebelled against his country.

I think we can label him crazy already.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 21

Noooooooooooooooooooooo. Although, I expected it, you can’t have that many flags and not die, but really Biscuit. Why?

Carta Issue invaded the island with the help of a guy related to one of the guys who died in the show. It was his little brother. They got demolished by inferior forces, but superior mecha. Only Biscuit died and that’s because he tried to save Orga. He did, sorta.

Kudelia got a ship to evacuate everyone from McGillis who is totally amused by her, so he accepted her request. I’m starting to wonder what is his end game there.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) ep 08

Kayo wasn’t spotted by whoever came into the bus. Satoru even brought her lunch, well, his mom gave him a lunchbox saying he would be hungry by how early he ate his breakfast, but she knew he was going to give it to Kayo. Super mom strikes again.

Kayo finished her birthday present for Satoru: handmade mittens. He cried. Then Kayo asked him to stay because someone came over last night. The kids opened the bag left behind and Satoru recognized the killer’s weapons, the stuff unused to kill Kayo in the previous loop and even the items used in the second murder. That killer sure prepares his stuff early.

Satoru brought Kayo to his mom for the rest of the “waiting.” All the feels, Kayo cried when she saw her breakfast.

Active Raid ep 08

A Sena-centric episode, again. A direct follow-up to the airplane one. Turns out Miho, of the UDSF, is his ex-girlfriend. She also got a new Willwear to field test.

We learned two interesting things in this episode. Miho is just as big a perfectionist as Sena so that is why Sena “dumped her;” he didn’t think he was perfect enough. The other thing is that the military is pushing to have unique control over Willwear. Seems like everyone wants Unit 8 out of the picture.

Also, Funasaka is ripped.

Ajin ep 07

Tosaki is such a selfish asshole, he’s ready to do anything to get money to cure his comatose fiancée. That means inhuman experimentation on Ajin, blackmailing, killing people. Anything.

But now that Kei and Satou escaped from the test center, his position with the Ajin committee is getting weaker. Looks like they aren’t nice people either. Satou also set up a meeting for Ajin to gather some of them up. Seems like his little show was actually to gather the news to broadcast his message to everyone.

There was a lot of IBM at the meeting and quite a few people showed up at the real meeting place.

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