Weekly Anime Review

Not as much action this week; all shows are entering the final stretch, more or less. This means more plot is revealed and things are being set up for the future.

Heavy Object ep 21

Well, seems like there aren’t really seven Objects. Six of them are 0.5 gen objects according to Qwenthur because their floaters wouldn’t stand their weight otherwise.

The pilot of the Indigo Plasma is crazy though, he wants language supremacy and decided to target an immigrant town. Granny, who has her daughter living there, disappeared early on. Most likely to run off at the city to warn them.

Huh? Battlefield Cleaning Service. Woman wearing what are basically maid outfits with cats ears using guns. They are mercs and dress like that because of demands. They are from the Capital Enterprise country. Seems like they wanted to take over Alaska, but the Legitimate Kingdom was too fast and they were left behind. Lol.

Private Military Contractor in skirt
Believe it or not these girls are Private Military Contractors.

Qwenthur just hired himself a bunch of mercs, paid in diamonds, and is going to take down seven objects.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 22

So McGillis’s dad is the real bad guy here, sorta. He is the one pushing Henri Fleur to become Abrau’s prime minister and put that “country” into his hand. He took guardianship of Carta when she was a kid to have his hands over the Issue family. He married McGillis to the Baudoins for the same reasons. All that to make his position solid among the Seven Stars.

In other word, McGillis is just a brat who wants to piss his dad off. Lol. That did result in Biscuit dying though. And it looks like he is sending Ein and Galileo to their deaths as well.

Very detailed bottle
The level of detail on that label is interesting.

Also, how will a huge boat like that get to Edmonton? That never made sense to me. At least now it is going for Anchorage.

Also, some interesting news. The Turbines aren’t all Naze’s wives. He just picked up girls with nowhere to go and let them all live in his ship.

Also, Mika was very scary this episode.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) ep 09

Kayo’s mother is crazy. Her grandmother doesn’t seem too bad though. Looks like Kayo’s mom was beaten by her husband and once she got divorced she started to beat Kayo. Ouch.

Now Satoru wants to save Hiromi and Aya. Hiromi is easy, he’s one his friends, but Aya is a problem. She goes to another school, but she does spend a lot of time with Yuuki.

Kenya is still his perceptive self. Satoru kept his two partners for the rest of his plans. Seems like the other two, who have been kept in the dark so far, are going to join up too.

Active Raid ep 09

Nice episode. Mythos and Bird dumped Dog after he did a few extra activities with his own Willwears (nicknamed The Fisherman) and attracted the police to them.

Dog got pissed and decided to get his revenge after they sent the Mafia to kill him. He went after the governor who Logos helped a few episodes back to try to get info, instead they used him to get a data disc with incriminating information about the governor’s corruption.

The episode ended with Unit 8 getting the data back and Dog at the hospital in the coma. It also very clear that Bird is the high school president; he’s just posing as a girl. Seems like Logos existence became official knowledge only two weeks earlier. That sounds bad.

Ajin ep 08

Man, Satou is really crazy. He gathered all his little Ajin and revealed his plan: genocide.

A few refused to participate. One of them is a teenager not that much older than Kei. He is the only one who escape being trapped in a barrel. Unfortunately for him, Tosaki spotted him in the video taken in front of the hotel for the first meeting and was waiting for him back home. He escaped because one of his neighbors called an ambulance after seeing him covered in blood.

On his side, Kei was saved by an old lady, or more like he helped an old lady, who doesn’t care if he is an Ajin. He is somewhat safe right now. Until someone sees his face I guess. He will probably meet the new kid soon.

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