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Persephone Magazine is an online destination for bookish, clever women around the world. Our readers are well-read, active Internet users who engage in reading, commenting, and promoting our content.

We publish fresh content each weekday highlighting women (and women-friendly) authors from around the world, representing many backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

Popular categories include:

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A typical week includes a variety of original content targeted towards young adult and adult women who are socially conscious, politically active, well-educated, and highly engaged with modern technology.







Roughly 50% of our daily traffic comes from mobile devices, primarily Apple iPhones and iPads.

We’re also in the top 1200 Technorati blogs, and the top 500 entertainment blogs.

We have 2100 Twitter followers, 3600 Facebook fans, growing followings on Pinterest and Tumblr, and an active and engaged commenting community.

What Your Advertising Dollars Buy

Your valuable ad dollars will help you reach an engaged, discriminating audience of young adult and adult women.

We have ads available in several areas of the site, in several sizes, and at various rates. Ad spaces can be customized to appear with only certain content, based on category, tag, or author.

Available Display Ad Sizes

  • 468×60 display ad in site header or under single posts or pages.
  • 300×250 medium rectangle display ad in sidebar above or below the fold.
  • 300×600 tower display ad in sidebar.
  • 125×600 skyscraper display ad in sidebar.
  • 125×125 mini display ad in sidebar.
  • Sponsored Tweets, pins, individual posts and sitewide sponsorship are available.


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Please contact us for more information or pricing.  Discounts available for not-for-profit and women/minority owned businesses.

[sws_grey_box box_size=”630″] Persephone Magazine does not accept ads related to weight loss, dating sites, pharmaceutical products, multi-level marketing, or vitamins/supplements. Persephone Magazine reserves the right to reject ads we deem racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, sizist, ableist, or otherwise unwelcoming to those represented in and supported by the staff of this magazine. [/sws_grey_box]

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