Ask Us!

To make it easier to contact our lovely writers and experts and ask them all of your pressing questions, we’ve created this handy form so you can ask whomever you like whatever you’d like.

For a quick refresher on the Q&A services we have available:

Sexy Sex Questions – We’ll answer all your most personal questions with gentle wit and a can-do attitude.

Ask UfYH – For all of your cleaning, organizing, and general unfucking needs.

WTF is This, I Don’t Even (Ask the editors)– The editors discovered, after sending each other panicked emails about various real world situations, that we’re kind of good at solving each other’s emergencies. Surprise vegan at your first Thanksgiving? Need to cut your grocery bill by half? Be superhuman in your next job interview? Get your mom to get off your f’ing back already?  We have opinions. We can help.

Ask A Contractor — Do you freelance? Do you have questions? Use our form to tell us all about it.

We also have a large group of remarkably smart and talented experts on everything from cooking to teaching to parenting to SCIENCE! to medicine to politics to writing to home repair to glass blowing to SEO to I think you get the idea.  If we don’t know the answer, we’ll throw up the Persephe-signal1 and find someone who can.


1Instead of a bat, it’s a three-headed dog. Named Fluffy.