What’s Your Kind of Atheism?

Atheism is a deceptively complex concept. My understanding of it was always pretty straightforward – I didn’t believe in God and that was it. Done and dusted. For the vast majority of people I talk to about faith, religious and irreligious, that’s “it,” too. But the umbrella of beliefs we subsume under the banner of Atheism […]


Guild Wars 2 Beta Review

This weekend I and several hundred boatloads of other people got access to the first Guild Wars 2 Open Beta event; 60 hours of fighting, dodging and accidentally unleashing violent underworld beasts (I’ll get to that) in the fantasy land of Tyria. What unravelled was an MMO quite unlike any I’ve played before – one that […]


On Young Feminism: A Rebuttal to the Second Wave

For anyone who follows left-wing media in the UK (and doubtless abroad) any time after 2000, a common criticism of modern Feminism becomes increasingly evident; I call it the Katie Price Principle, but it could be called the Pole Dancing principle or the Living Doll principle or a thousand other names. In essence, it’s the […]