Five Gateway YA Books

Many adults are reluctant to pick up Young Adult books. Reasons vary, from being afraid to look silly to thinking YA books are pure fluff. Many think that YA is not worth their time. To try to remedy this, here are five YA books to get you started if you’re reluctant to pick up a […]

Middlemarch Madness

Middlemarch Madness: Our contestants!

The contestants are getting ready for their duels to the death (not really, just championship) and you, dear readers, should be getting ready to defend them!

Pop Culture

Misfits in the U.K.

I know what you’re thinking: Another show about superpowers? That’s been done a million times! Maybe, but this show takes that premise and makes it so much better.


Famous Last Words

When people are on the verge on leaving this world, they can be very insightful. However, their last words can also be ironic and funny. Let”™s look at some of the best