Persephone Pioneers

Persephone Pioneers: Helen Zaltzman

Cesy and bookgal recently had the ridiculously good fortune to interview one of their heroines, Helen Zaltzman.


Homemade Iced Tea

One of my favourite treats in summertime at the cottage was stirring in WAY too many iced tea crystals into a glass of water and then using a spoon to crunch through the sludge I had created. Having moved from the land-of-easily-accessible-drink-crystals to the Land Down Under, I’d been buying my iced tea premade. This […]


Life From Abroad

I’m just a broad abroad. We all like puns, right? I am a Canadian living in Australia with my New Zealander partner, Kiwi Scientist. Sometimes the cultural divide between those three countries seems minuscule (we all have the same Queen, am I right?), but sometimes I struggle with my situation.