How to Deal with an Unreasonable Neighbour

I had a very strange experience last week. The day had been awesome, the skies were blue even at 7:30 pm, I was waiting for my best friend at the bottom of the hill from where I live. We were going to a Greek dinner. Exciting.

Pop Culture

Women Who Kick Ass in Franco-Belgian Comics

Many of the readers around here are American or Canadian, some of us are British or from other parts of the world. Some of you may like comics, and it seems that comics are not held in high regards by the feminist crowd, since the “comic” word is most applied to American comics, full of […]


Surviving and Living

Back in October, I was watching a movie, “Stuart, a Life Backwards.” It is a fantastic film about the life of Stuart Shorter, a homeless man in Cambridge. It is a real story and basically, Stuart is royally fucked up mentally because his childhood was as fucked up as a mouse refusing to eat cheese.