Rethinking Tone Policing

Some of you who have traveled in progressive circles might have heard certain concepts tossed around in conversation, things that progressive, intersectional leftists tend to say. “Tone policing” is one of these concepts.

News in Europe

The London Riots

Events are multifaceted, cultural and racial groups are not monolithic, and many things about a situation can be true at the same time. Reductionism is dangerous. Simplicity is dangerous. There are no easy, one-line answers. They don’t exist, because life isn’t like that.


What Does Cultural Appropriation Really Mean?

If all cultural sharing is inherently erasing and disrespectful, then American culture is inherently an oppressive, alienating force. You can believe that if you want to, but I don’t, and I think that’s incredibly simplistic and unnecessarily antagonistic. It comes too close to blaming Americans for being who they are, for inhabiting the world that they do, […]