Pop Culture

“Orange is the New Black” is the Future of Television

Unless you live under a rock that also happens to be out of WiFi and 4G range, you’ve heard by now of Netflix’s new runaway hit series Orange is the New Black. Created by Jenji Kohan of Weeds fame, OITNB is the tale of Piper Chapman, loosely based on the experiences of one Piper Kerman, […]


I Eat It: Talenti Blood Orange Sorbetto

Here at P-Mag, we’re big on trying products and reviewing them for all of your benefit. Similarly, I’m big on eating things. Thus, this variation on We Try It! is called I Eat It!, and this week I ate the hell out of some sorbet. For, you know… for science. And for all of you. You’re […]

Just for Fun

I’m Having a Fancy Wedding, Dammit

Since I went and got myself engaged, I’m finding that all anyone these days wants to talk about is how to have a low-budget, recession-friendly wedding.  Dresses made of repurposed newspaper and such.


Make ‘Em Say Rosh!: Reflections on the Jewish New Year 5773

Last night marked the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the Jewish calendar year. It’s a celebration of a new year and new beginnings, to be sure, but Rosh Hashanah is also a commemoration of the anniversary of the creation of humanity, and a call to repentance – symbolized by repeated blasts on the […]


Celeste & Jesse Forever Forever: A Review by Meg

I’ll be honest here. Despite my longstanding love affair with Rashida Jones, I went into C&J4evs fully prepared to be underwhelmed. Or, at the most, just whelmed. I am happy to report that I was so, so, so wrong.


Persephone Magazine Interviews Rashida Jones: Parks, Recreation, and True Love [SATIRE]

I’m here with Rashida Jones, actress from the hit shows “Parks and Recreation” and “The Office,” and feature films such as “Our Idiot Brother” and “I Love You, Man.” The topic of conversation today is Ms. Jones’ recent engagement to Persephone writer Meg M.