On Telling People I Share a Bathroom with Five Women

So, I just started grad school. I live in a dorm-like situation and share a bathroom and a large kitchen with five other female grad students. The thing is, every time I tell someone this, the reaction is pretty ridiculous. “SIX girls? ONE bathroom? That must be AWFUL.”


Unlearning: The Basics

A big part of feminist work for me has been unlearning, and it is some of the most challenging work. When I talk about unlearning, I’m referring to the process of recognizing and then disengaging with the endless list of all the “shoulds” that society assigns to us because of various parts of our identity.


Book Review: Delusions of Gender

Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine is so funny and insightful that I read it twice in a month. In her exploration of how differences between men and women are created, exaggerated, and then enforced, Fine presents a two-part argument supported by a staggering amount of literature review. First, she tears apart the ways in […]