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A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving Dysfunctional Family Holidays

What happened, kid? Did your dad get remarried? Are you spending the holidays with your in-laws this year? Going home with a roommate over break? Here’s the thing to know about dysfunctional families: truly dysfunctional relationships operate on their own, twisted set of rules that can be hard for an outsider to understand.


Becoming a Sexual Subject, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Objectifying Men

When I was thirteen years old, during the summer between eighth grade and high school, Sam Keasbey* gave me my first chaste kiss on an overturned row boat at the edge of an irrigation inlet off Howard Lake. In response, I stuck my tongue in his mouth.


Deconstructing “Chic”: What Does Fashion’s Favorite Buzzword Really Mean?

A little French, a little ambiguous – “chic” is one word that fashion people love to throw around with abandon. But what the hell does it mean? And how do you get it? Let’s peel this sartorial mystery like an onion and get cooking.