The Future of Persephone Magazine

As you’ve noticed, I’m sure, we’ve dropped off content by quite a bit. This post is to explain why, and to talk a bit about our future. Lest I bury the lede, the most important takeaway is that we’re not going anywhere. Pmag will stay online as long as the server bill gets paid, and […]

It’s the First Weekend Open Thread of 2016!

Happy belated new year, y’all!

Lunchtime Poll: Did You Miss Us?

Welcome to our brand-new server! Took us a bit longer than expected to get moved over, but that’s what happens when our new host has never seen so many gifs in one place before. (We’re number one! We’re number one!)

This Weekend Open Thread is Stoked

Spoiler alert for the Project Runway finale!

This Weekend Open Thread is Spoopy


Lunchtime Poll: What Movie Genre Are You?

It’s been no secret here on PMag, or anywhere else, that I really love movies.

This Weekend Open Thread is Knitting and Studying

Just over a month until my comps exam, guys.

Lunchtime Poll: Current Favorite Item of Clothing

It’s fall, so it’s time for all the sweaters and flannel you can find.

This Weekend Open Thread is Open for Business

Talk amongst yourselves.

This Weekend Open Thread is Keeping an Eye on Joaquin

The East Coast might get hit. But it might not. They don’t know yet and that’s annoying.

Lunchtime Poll: Did You See the Eclipse?

Did you go out last night to watch the lunar eclipse?

This Weekend Open Thread is Sore


This Weekend Open Thread is Excited

I got a press pass to Geek Girl Con, y’all.

Lunchtime Poll: Fall Favorites

We’re in that weird between-seasons part of year; the calendar says it’s still summer until the equinox on the 23rd and it may still be hot as blazes where you are, but school’s in session, Labor Day weekend has come and gone, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier each night. 

This Weekend Open Thread is Really Into Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

So delicious.