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    I just joined the group (don’t know what took me so long!) to share this super-easy, super-addictive cheese spread recipe with you all. My mom calls it “cheese pâté” and serves it as a starter on special occasions, but “pâté” sounds way too fancy for something I spread on toast for breakfast or spoon straight out of the jar for a mid-afternoon snack (I told you it was addictive!)

    1 part walnuts, ground or chopped as small as you can
    1 part blue cheese
    1 part heavy cream
    2 parts soft cheese, Philadelphia-style

    A “part” could be a tablespoon, a cup, a pint… depending on how much people you need to feed. Just throw it all in whatever mixer you have, and go at it until it becomes a paste. I use one of those kitchen robots that will grind anything down to a dust, but my mom uses a 20-year-old hand blender and some patience. If you can chop the walnuts really small (or if you don’t mind finding big chunks) you could even do it old-style, using a big bowl, a fork and some elbow grease. I recommend putting it in a jar (or any small container with a tight lid) and letting it rest in the fridge overnight before eating, to allow the flavours to mix and settle.

    On my first try, I used a very sharp, Cabrales-type blue cheese, which made the whole thing way too sour for my taste, so I mixed in a handful of raisins to balance the flavours, and it turned out delicious! Next time, I will try a sweeter blue cheese, like Gorgonzola or Roquefort.

    Finally, you can also fancify it by mixing in a handful of chopped arugula. I haven’t tried this and I’m not sure how well it would keep after the first couple of days. My cheese-walnut-raisin recipe keeps well for at least four days, which is the most it has ever lasted – I bet it could keep well for at least a week if I could contain myself from EATING ALL THE CHEESE!