• freckle [M] wrote a new post, What’s the Fuss About Halloween? 7 years, 11 months ago

    I mean, I can eat shitty candy and dress up like something I’m not every day of the year; it’s called living in Western society.


    I spent most of my teen years in the Netherlands, where, for a long […]

    • I didn’t grow up in a culture that celebrates Halloween either. I have a very dim view of the holiday, particularly with the cultural appropriation sold in prepackaged kits. I don’t mind the sexy costume stuff as much, I think that should be personal preference, but it does seem like there aren’t many choices for women who don’t want to dress as the sexy version of something.

      Also (and this is where I get judgmental) spending three weeks to plan a costume you wear for four hours in a bar with other people who sunk equal amounts of time and money into their costumes at a once-yearly masquerade party? Just smacks of too much effort. I’ll see you next week when my “I voted” sticker might get me a discounted drink.

      • Oh, agreed on effort. Although I used to go to Renaissance/fantasy fairs in half self-made outfits but at least they ..lasted the entire day?

        Part of my grumble is jealousy as well, I want mindless fun and bad candy mixed up in one day between Christmas and Easter.

    • I don’t get Halloween so much as an adult, but I love it for kids. I love allowing kids to play pretend and in this era of electronic entertainment, it’s something many kids would never get to do except for Halloween.

      I love to give out candy and because I’m an elementary school teacher, I love seeing my kids get excited to dress up and play. They’re so adorable and they love it so much. I can’t get too grinchy about that.

    • Interesting! I grew up somewhere where Halloween is definitely a Real Thing (even though the American influence is of course pervasive): I remember trick-or-treating every year with hordes of kids from the area; collecting wood and rubbish for our street bonfire for weeks; and the obligatory someone injuring themselves with fireworks… it’s one of my favourites, to be honest. Especially if you happen to find yourself somewhere rural to spend it in.

      I do now suffer from costume inferiority complex, however…