• Over four years with my s.o.; kickass long-term-temp job; getting the crafty bug again; healthy close friendships with great people. :-D

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    I had to hold back tears when I read this and the comments. I had actually started (slowly) writing a similar post, so hopefully when it’s complete I won’t be dismissed by PMag with “we already read this from someone else.”

    I’ve suffered for twenty years. I developed a bald spot when I started in fifth grade, likely induced by the stress of…[Read more]

  • I am now established with three staffing agencies, and one other has my résumé. At least with the latest one, I left thinking I had a very good chance of getting the kind of job I need.

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    I have applied to seven jobs in the past month. I’ll probably apply to five more by the end of the week. Maybe someday I won’t feel the need to apply for a job.