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Magazine Time Warp: The Ads of 2004

I’ve been digging through and clearing out the stuff I’ve left at my parents house, helping them convert my childhood bedroom into a guest room. I’ve been going through and documenting the things I don’t particularly wish to keep, but wanted to share before they got tossed. Thankfully, between the old notes from middle school, […]


P-Mag Nostalgia Project: 2004 with Elfity

The end is here! Yes, we’ve finally hit the bottom of the Persephone Magazine writer barrel, at least age wise. I, Elfity, am here to bring you the glories (kind of) of the year 2004, as seen through my barely-teenaged eyes. I should mention that I was actually 14 for the majority of 2004 rather […]


30 Years of Music: 2004

2004! The year of my daughter’s birth, and also the year in which I felt like the decade really started to come into its own, musically. My personal favorites from this time skew a bit indie, yet I still include some popular tunes that I really dig. Let’s wander back, shall we?