Crosspost: Rocking (and Flapping) at 1000 Revolutions a Minute

[Content warning: mentions of ableism; censored use of the r-word; abusive treatment] I made it down to an Occupy/Decolonize site! I am in the DC area this week for a variety of things. So Tuesday afternoon I went down to the site at McPherson Square for a couple of hours. It was significant for me in […]


Don’t EVEN Get Me Started, Mythical Bootstraps College Student

This photo’s been kicking around Facebook for the past few days. The first time I saw it, it miffed me. The second time, it aggravated me. Times three and four I was angry. And now that I’ve seen the photo posted, shared, and tagged a half a dozen times, I’m enraged; which is where this […]