Friday News Bites: Feminist Lawmaking, Iowa Caucuses, Olympic Athlete Firsts + More

Happy Friday, everyone. We’re catching up on two weeks’ worth of news stories today, so let’s get started, and you can get a nice, shiny sense of somewhat informed accomplishment.

New Show Recap

New Show Recap: Justified, 5×05, “Shot All to Hell”

I considered recapping this episode by posting a photo of my head exploding, with the words, “Holy shit!” written below and just letting it go at that. Because, my friends, holy shit. And, what. the. hell.



I sat there drinking cheap, weak coffee in one of our many 24-hour diners, surrounded by the rest of the usual suspects. My car was outside with a flat tire, and I really didn’t care. I’d probably be here until it was light out anyway, that was just how it went on Friday and Saturday […]