Delightful and Quirky: Bill Cunningham New York

Overall: This documentary is fun, quirky and inspiring. Bill Cunningham New York is a documentary following the fascinating fashion photographer Bill Cunningham. It was released 16 March 2011 – so it’s a little under a year old – and is, in my humble opinion, a must see.

New Show Recap

Recap: America’s Next Top Model, Episode 16.10: “What I Did for Modeling: Camel-Straddling Edition.”

There are only FIVE models left! Five moddles moddling in Morocco on America’s Next Top Model! Get ready for a lot of screaming about camels. “OMG IT’S A CAMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!” It was just like that. Hannah cracked the inevitable “camel toe” joke. I’m a classy bitch, so I would have stuck with a “hump” joke.