Good News Can Be Funny, Too

As a political humorist, I gravitate toward bad news and schadenfreude. This is hardly surprising since satirists are often inspired by idiotic comments, horrible laws, and ludicrous judicial decisions.


Friday News Bites: Rogue Cows, Racial Bias, and More

Today’s newsy roundup inspires a lot of, “WTF is wrong with you?” commentary, but I’ve got some good news, too. Come, gather ’round; let’s talk about what’s happening in the world.

Op Ed

Takedown: The five best sentences EVER

I hope you are ready for the best reading experience of your lives: this week’s Takedown promises to deliver the five best sentences you will ever read. This is technically true, if you have never read any other sentences and never intend to; otherwise, it’s your standard issue crapdate.