Friday News Bites: Shutdown Ramifications, Healthcare, and More

Happy Friday, everyone. Perhaps the biggest news story this week is that of the U.S. government shutdown, in which all but “essential” employees are not working (or being paid) until further notice. Hopefully this does not make life difficult for too many of you reading, and if it does, we send our utmost sympathies.

Lunchtime Poll

LTP: 5/31

Welcome back, all! For today’s poll we are going to the movies. What actor/actress/director do you like enough that their involvement in a movie is enough to make you go see it? For instance, I’ve been known to say, “I don’t care if they say it’s crap, if Nicolas Cage is in it, I’ll watch […]

Pop Culture

One More Reason to Love James Franco

With all the pity (and scorn) that I feel toward female celebrities as I see them struggle with conforming to the oppressive beauty standards of their industry, I sometimes forget what the men have to deal with. More so than women, male actors frequently have to deal with invasive questions and speculation about their sexuality. […]