Just for Fun

Magazine Time Warp: The Ads of 2004

I’ve been digging through and clearing out the stuff I’ve left at my parents house, helping them convert my childhood bedroom into a guest room. I’ve been going through and documenting the things I don’t particularly wish to keep, but wanted to share before they got tossed. Thankfully, between the old notes from middle school, […]


This Week in Human Interest Cuteness

Boy, did I have writer’s block this week! I could not make myself write another thing on the articles I have been working on for a while, so I decided to take a look at some representative dog human-interest stories to see if anything inspired me, and found things that interested me, but not enough […]


What Are We Selling Here?: Super Bowl Sunday, Masculinity, and Commercials That Make You Go, “What?”

Super Bowl Sunday is the most watched televised event in the United States, with over 111 million people tuning in each year. It’s considered a de facto national holiday and, after Thanksgiving, is the second largest day of food consumption. The Super Bowl gets people excited. The Super Bowl is good fun. But the Super […]