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Recap: Parenthood, Episode 3.12, “Road Trip”

The Braverman family is starting 2012 a little stressed, embarking on a family road trip of epic proportions. Zeek is circling the troops to visit his mother for her 86th birthday. It’s interesting to see him nervous about visiting his mother, and hilarious to see him organize the family. After passing out envelopes with itineraries, […]


Perspectives: The Changing of the Guard

Over Thanksgiving weekend  2010 I made a realization. My family is as crazy as everyone elses. I’ve always listened to tales of dysfunction, secretly gloating that my family was relatively normal. After all,we’ve never been to therapy. Turns out, we are dysfunctional and repressed. And control freaks.

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Parenthood Recap: When Art (TV?) Imitates Life

Do you watch Parenthood on NBC? I find myself looking forward to it more each week. Last night, as I was watching, I realized why. It’s like NBC put a camera in my house, got all their storylines, then split them out between four families because it would be too crazy for one family in […]