Ask STFU Jezzies – 1/13

Dear STFUJezzies: This is feedback to your virgin question. A couple of months ago I was dating and de-virginized an “accidental” virgin (he was 31, I am close in age). The sex was not great, but it’s not always great the first time, so I thought, well, we can try this again.


Pros and Cons of Being an Adult

This post is inspired by the grocery shopping that I just did.  As is typical these days, I was stressing out about credit card debt, and bills, and rent and my future and on and on.  And I was like, Jesus Christ, being an adult BLOWS! Remember when you were little and you’re all “when […]

Generation XX

Words from the Grown-Up Table: Part 1

Being an adult means all sorts of new words and phrases begin popping into our vocabularies.  Today we’re beginning another of our periodic series, this one on vocab for grown-ups.  We’ll cover a few key words and phrases in each round, so stay tuned for all the words you wish you remembered from the SAT.

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll 12/7

Good afternoon, readers! How goes your Tuesday?  Today’s lunchtime poll is about volunteering.  After Meghan’s great post yesterday, several of the writers and editors were having a conversation about how our volunteering styles have changed as we’ve gotten older.   While all of us were pretty active as teens and in college, as we’ve had families […]


A Very Halloween Cannabis Talk Time

Happy Halloween Everyone- or Oktoberfest, Samhaim, Good Harvest… Today we wonder about Halloween as adults and ponder chocolate and candy. Come join us! As always send us your questions, comments, and recipes to verdalliance (at) persephonemagazine {dot} com A Very Halloween Cannabis Talk Time