Ask Luci – 4/21

Welcome back to Ask Luci, the internet’s most popular advice column! (Not intended to be a factual statement.)  Today we’re talking about Judgey McJudgersons and when it’s time to take off your judgey pants.

Just for Fun

Call for Questions!

My mom (Gracie Tucker aka Mama Grace) and I (Luci Furious) have talked for years about doing an advice column together – a mother/daughter perspective from two women from different generations who are very opinionated and don’t always agree.  

The Frisky Feminist

A Round Peg in a Small Hole

Welcome to The Frisky Feminist, Persephone Magazine’s resident sexpert couple’s advice column answering all your sexuality related questions with honesty, enthusiasm and humor.   Content below the cut may be considered NSFW, so proceed at your own risk.  ~ed Q: What is the best way to broach pegging with a new guy? Do you wait for […]