On Being a Feminist Activist with PTSD

[TRIGGER WARNING for sexual assault, domestic violence, and bullying.] Being an activist is hard work even for the healthiest, most well-adjusted soul. Being a feminist activist is especially difficult given the number of threatening, misogynist messages we get on a daily basis from just about everywhere. But being a feminist activist with disabilities? Now that’s […]


Helping Someone Help Themself

Let’s just get this out of the way – the world would be a much better place if everyone took my advice. Trust me on this.

Op Ed

The Limits of Social Justice Blogging

Alternate titles for this piece are: “Playing Nice in the Social Justice Sandbox,” “Social Justice Ain’t a Singular Concept, Folks,” “Mom! She’s Touching Me! Social Justice Blogging’s Elementary Playground,” and “Stop Being Such a Jackass.”


Convincing People To Embrace HAES and Be Body Positive

The summer before my senior year of high school, I attended a constitutional law / rhetoric program (a/k/a “awesome nerd camp”) at Yale University. In the sweltering heat of a New Haven July, I learned how to employ logos, pathos and bathos and wield them like mighty swords.


Walks and Walkability: The Life and Legacy of Jane Jacobs

Today I’d like to discuss a remarkable woman who railed against suburbia, protected historic buildings, and championed urban spaces even when she faced opposition. Without Jane Jacobs, the landscapes of both Toronto and New York City would likely be drastically different.


What the Girl Scouts Really Promote

Last year, I was invited to the Statehouse to speak with the Lieutenant Governor during a very quiet legislative session. This year, it appears that the Statehouse has taken a note from the Superbowl planning committee and has done everything but install a zipline to provide entertainment for Indiana citizens, as well as national audiences. 

Education in America

Education in America: Bill Gates

The New York Times recently ran an article detailing the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s forays into education reform. According to the NYT, in 2009 the foundation spent $373 million on education.