Why Women Avoid the Atheist Movement (It’s Not Our Feeble Lady Brains or Hormones)

If you poke around most atheist communities on the Internet or take a look at the attendees at atheism conventions, you’ll probably notice that the crowd is overwhelmingly male. Is this because, as some of the biggest names in the movement have suggested, women don’t have the intellectual curiosity or logical capability to arrive at […]

This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny: I Can’t Even

I just can’t with some of these stories this week. The Cleveland abduction is feminism’s fault? Beyoncé puts girls at risk of becoming sex slaves? Women have to work an extra 12 years to earn the same amount as men? Seriously?? (Trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)


Badass Ladies of History: WWII WASPs

This post introduces a new, periodic series on the awesome women who walked the world before we did.  Today’s Badass Ladies of History are the brave women who were trained to fly transport, testing, training and cargo missions during the last years of World War II.