Tuesday Trivia

FunTime Open Thread: Jeopardy!

Guess what I just did? I took the online Jeopardy* test! It’s exciting, empowering, and intimidating all at the same time. It got me wondering, though, how much do you know about Jeopardy?


Learning by Looking: Infographics to increase your chances on Jeopardy

Luci posted the Alex Trebek special for the daily goodie this morning because she knows it’s my secret life wish to be a Jeopardy champion.  Also, I had a dream recently where I was playing Jeopardy against other ladybloggers while naked.   I was naked, everyone else, including Trebek, was clothed.

The Daily Goodie

Daily Goodie – 1/9

Hey everyone! Iiiit’s Monday!  I want to start this week off with some lulz because this weekend had a lot of sad news.  So I have a few videos of Alex Trebek being a jerk.  I watch Jeopardy! every night and every night I say “God, I hate Alex Trebek!”  He is so smug I […]