Open Thread

Fun Time Open Thread: Super Secret Identities

After watching Castle last night, I am in a comic book state of mind. Tonight’s theme is alter egos.  I’ll give you the secret identity, you give me the super hero.  Ready?  Then up, up and away!


Musings in Neurosis: Turning 30

I’ve been pondering for the past few days on the fact that I’ll be turning 30 in a few months. For most of my adult years I’ve looked upon this date with much trepidation, panic attacks, and hives. I don’t know if it’s the loss of my youth I’m worried about, the toll that aging […]

Public Service

How is it Monday Again Already?

Good morning, readers! Here’s to another happy week here at Persephone and wherever all of our lovely readers are.  We’ve got a great week planned for you, with (as it stands right now) as many as 16 posts per day.   Somewhere in all of that we should hit on a topic or two that interests […]


Book Review: Feed by Mira Grant

Welcome to the first We Try It! post, part of what will eventually be a daily feature. We Try It! posts are reviews of just about anything, from books to movies to websites to products. For my first review, I chose the book Feed, by Mira Grant. Why? Because it’s about zombies and bloggers, and […]