Reader Challenge

Positivity Challenge Week 2: Fighting Media Negativity

One of the things that got me actively thinking about Positivity was noticing the effect that vitriolic media was having on me. Without making this political, one person that really chafed me (so to speak) was Sarah Palin. I could (almost) deal with her on the campaign trail. But when she didn”™t go away after her loss, I could feel my teeth clench every time I saw her on Today or saw another story on HuffPo about another stupid thing she said or did. My husband dreaded it, too, because I would go off on a rant about her, which isn”™t the nicest thing to wake up to.


People Who Bug Me

Pigeons. OK, they’re not technically people, but they do technically bug me. Like cats, pigeons are not very good at predicting which direction you’re going to walk. But unlike cats, pigeons are not furry or cute.