How Horrible People Have Renewed My Faith in the Future

[Ed. note: Example of hate speech after the cut.] My husband and I counter-protested those people yesterday. You all know the ones of who I speak. The “Shmod Shmates Shmags” people. The most epic trolls of them all, the ones I will not call by name because they don’t deserve the press. They were sickening, […]


From the Archive: Taking Dignity Back from Bullies

I’ve been cramming relentlessly for the Foreign Service Officer Test this past week, so our lovely editors are letting me share an oldie from the early days of PM. This post from October 2010 is about the Dignity for All Students Act and its role in preventing bullying in schools.

Op Ed

Focus on the Family: Moralizing from the Bully Pulpit

It’s national Bullying Awareness week, a topic we will be covering extensively.  In the course of my research for an upcoming article, I stumbled upon a website on bullying created by Focus on the Family, a group not known for its acceptance or tolerance of anyone who does not believe the same way as Focus […]