A History of Possession

My students always struggle with apostrophe use. Indeed, it’s probably the number one writing — error? problem? nonstandard usage? — I see in my students’ writing. My guess is that apostrophe usage is on the way out. I suspect a hundred years from now, English writers will not use apostrophes. And that’s okay. I’m not […]


Apostrophes are Awesome

While I teach writing for a living, I’m not the doom-and-gloom “Texting is ruining English!” type. Language changes. It’s pretty neat to be witnessing such profound changes. But I do love apostrophes, and I am sad that they seem to be on the way out.


The Grammar Bitch: The Case of the Errant Apostrophe

Oh, the apostrophe. No other piece of punctuation has the ability to inspire such rage in me. One might wonder why a silly little mark, taking up just the tiniest bit of space on the page, would make me so angry. Well, I’ll tell you why. Very few people seem to know how to use […]