Persephone Birthday

Birthday Giveaway: “Iraqi Headaches,” A Poetry Collection by Saif Alsaegh

Because Persephoneers are indeed both bookish and clever, offering a literary prize for our birthday is one of the best things we can offer our readers. In addition to our other giveaways throughout today, including fanfic and a novel, this time we’re talking poetry.


As-Yet-Unnamed Music Column: “World Music” + Khaled

Hey y’all. I’m keeping with my warm-weather theme this week, as temperatures in the UK plummet and I routinely wake up not being able to feel my toes. This week we go overseas, far out of the English-speaking world, to Algeria.

The Daily Goodie

TDG: The Ides of March

Good morning! It’s March 15th, also known as the Ides of March if you’re a Julius Caesar fan.